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Branch 15 - 2017 Calendar of Events


Shaded Date is an Approved non-EDGETA event

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 Branch 15 Saturday Classes

See the Education page for further information on future classes.

November 25: Show and Tell
December 30: Report on EDGETA National Show
January 27: Mini Swap Meet
February 24: Operating the Line Shaft Shop
March 24: Foundry Basics and Babbitt Pouring (weather permitting)
April 22: Forklift Training and Certification

For more information: email Mike Boell or call 503-631-3993 or email Les Layton or call 503-390-6405.

2017 General Meetings

Feb. 4 - Peter Gutowski’s -- 32587 Coburg Bottom Loop in Eugene, OR

April 1 - Jerry Lane’s -- 611 NE 359th Street in LaCenter, WA

June 10 - Glenn Cooper’s -- 15000 SW Lower Bridge Rd. in Terrebonne, OR

Oct. 7 - Harrisburg Museum -- 490 Smith Street in Harrisburg, OR

Dec. 2 - Bary Brenneke’s Barn -- 21187 S Leland Rd in Oregon City

Potluck at 11:30 - Meeting to follow

If you would be interested in hosting a General Meeting, please call Steve Johnson at 503-932-0323.

2017 Board Meetings

Meetings held at the Wolf Iron Works Museum at 6 PM.

 Open to the Public

January 3

March 2

May 4

July 6

September 7

November 2

2018 Raffles

The proceeds from the sales of Engine and Quilt raffle tickets go toward the completion of the Wolf Iron Works Museum. Raffle tickets are available at all meetings during the year; in addition, during the Swap Meet and The Great Oregon Steam-Up. The raffle drawings are at noon on Sunday, August 5, 2018  during The Great Oregon Steam-Up at Powerland Heritage Park in Brooks, Oregon.

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